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Betani Footwear is a B2B women footwear manufacturer, distributor, and wholesaler. Our product line consist of women sandals, dress shoes, flats, boots, booties, wedges and EVA.

Betaniwholesale is an online store front for BetaniFootwear.  Primary focus on the junior and women shoe market such as women sandals, flat ballerina, platforms, pumps and wedges. We are a young company with a strong focus and determination to be a provider of top quality and the most sought after designs for the women fashion footwear industry.

BetaniFootwear Eco-Friendly Sandal : Evelyn-1 & Evelyn-2

EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) popularly known as an expandable rubber or foam rubber material. Does not contain chlorine which makes EVA environmetally safe.

Key Benefits:
* soft yet excellent toughness
* waterproof properties
* resistance to UV radiation

EVA Women Sandals